Soulful Mentoring & Coaching With Susan Grace Beekman
“There is an oasis of the heart that can never be reached by a caravan of thinking. ” —Ghibran

You see a vague outline of the life you’re seeking, but your goals always seem to be just out of reach. Susan Grace Beekman can help you to:

  • Move from confusion to clarity
  • Find your own inner direction
  • Create your life from a peaceful mind

Susan is a Master Coach and Instructor for Dr. Martha Beck, a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and a certified Spiritual Director skilled in contemplative listening and spiritual mentoring.


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  • On the Horizon

    See The Sky Through Glasses

    Question Your Thinking, Change Your World: The Work of Byron Katie

    Spend the longest days of the year with me and Grace Bell, soaking up some Inquiry in the Old Growth Forest. This will be my 8th Retreat, many of them with Grace Bell. For those who’ve wanted to come “one of these times,” now would be the time. Because we’ll both be there and ready to go...and about the future...who knows?

    Grace Bell with Susan Beekman
    June 22-26, 2016 at Breitenbush Hot Springs
    Learn more
    Call Breitenbush at (503) 854-3320 to register.


  • Pulling out the chair
    Beneath your mind
    And watching you fall upon God

    What else is there
    For us to do
    That is any fun in this world?
                 - Hafiz

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