Soulful Mentoring & Coaching With Susan Grace Beekman
“There is an oasis of the heart that can never be reached by a caravan of thinking. ” —Ghibran

You see a vague outline of the life you’re seeking, but your goals always seem to be just out of reach. Susan Grace Beekman can help you to:

  • Move from confusion to clarity
  • Find your own inner direction
  • Create your life from a peaceful mind

Susan is a Master Coach and Instructor for Dr. Martha Beck, a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and a certified Spiritual Director skilled in contemplative listening and spiritual mentoring.


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  • On the Horizon

    Susan and Grace

    Question Your Thinking, Change Your World: The Work of Byron Katie

    Many of us spend our lives making ourselves, others, or situations into problems to be solved; fighting, complaining, anxious about circumstances, the people we love, our bodies, our lives. End the war by questioning your thinking.

    Call Breitenbush to register: 503.854.3320
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    Pulling out the chair
    Beneath your mind
    And watching you fall upon God

    What else is there
    For us to do
    That is any fun in this world?
                 - Hafiz

  • Why I Don’t Hate Facebook Anymore

    Facebook Facebook became a Real Thing around the time I began my late life career of coaching and mentoring. I welcomed all comers, thrilled to connect and/or reconnect with kindred spirits from near and far. In the ensuing years, I’ve stopped by FB infrequently, and I hardly ever pulled up a chair to stay a while. . . . Continue Reading > >
  • Deep Spring

    Flowers I seldom share my poetry in my blog, but this one belonged here, a thumbnail sketch of my year so far.

    Deep Spring

    I. Dark rainy days of river-flooding March.

    Muddy twilights of brackish pools and raindrop rhythms.

    None of it touches the tears that won’t fall. . . . Continue Reading > >