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About Susan Grace

Wondering about how people work caused me to ask a whole lot of questions from the time I could first talk. As I grew older and life handed me challenges, I found some answers and whole lot more questions.

My life has offered serious challenges, including losing family members to suicide, addiction, and critical injury. These crises have motivated me to help others navigate through life’s difficult passages. What I’ve learned in almost forty years in transformational work is this: Curiosity, deep listening, and courageous questioning can clear confusion and open the door for something far greater.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling. I‘m a Master Coach with Dr. Martha Beck and serve on the faculty of her Licensed Certification Training program. I am also a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and a trained spiritual director. I’m a co-author of a book on family peacemaking and have several other books in the works. I taught writing and archetypal psychology for twenty years, and have garnered lots of knowledge as a curious and committed workshop junkie.

Your life is your prayer.
What are you thinking right now?
That’s your prayer.
Catch yourself in the act of thinking to find out what you’re praying for. Jeffrey Yen, Taoist Master

I love the intimate exchange that can occur when two or more of us ask questions and listen for our own deepest truth. I love the momentum that happens when I work with clients to take action on their truth. I love the power of group clarity and support for real change.

I’m blessed to have a husband, a son, and a daughter who are all creative entrepreneurs. Their writing, music, and multimedia work have inspired me, and helped me create my oasis in the Pacific Northwest.

About "The Work"

I offer sessions in which I facilitate The Work alone, and I also often use this powerful process of inquiry as a discrete part of most of my coaching work.

The Work of Byron Katie radically changed my life and my work during the last ten years. Katie has a loving clarity and a great sense of humor. I have found her words to be true when she says: “You can argue with reality, but you’ll lose. Only 100% of the time.”
To become certified by The Institute for The Work, I worked with the process myself and with other facilitators almost daily for two years. I continue to study (and occasionally teach) with the Institute.

From the Blog: Who Would We Be Without Our Stories (or How I Found Inquiry)


An Inquiry example: Susan Grace on Sunny in Seattle radio:



Here’s a quick summary of the Work. I also highly recommend you visit for lots of inspiration and explanation.

The Work is Four Questions (and your Answers)

Think of a situation that is stressful.
Write a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet in that situation.
Find your judgments or beliefs.
For any belief, answer these questions:

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
  3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought?

Turn the Thought Around: to yourself, to the other, to the opposite.


How can life coaching help me?

A life coach can help you get a perspective on your life. Most of us live our lives by reacting to what happens to us rather than navigating our way through it. When you see your of your life as a creative design, you can find the clarity and power to navigate more skillfully. And from your understanding of who you are, inside the core of your most essential self, you can design a life that fits.

What do you mean by “soulful coaching and mentoring?”

My training is in spiritual mentoring, a traditional role that has its roots formation of ministry. I think of my work at the Oasis as honoring this tradition while I support clients in their ordinary lives.  The more experience I have, the more I have noticed that the spiritual path is grounded in practical details as our soles walk the earth. This is the basis of soulful mentoring.

What should I look for in a life coach or mentor?

A good coach helps you see what you can’t see and holds you to a standard that you help to create. She holds you a place for you to be accountable to yourself as you find and craft the life you want. Often this means making changes and keeping commitments to yourself. And sometimes it means waking up to something freer and kinder in the life you already have.

How is what you do different from therapy?

The focus of much of therapy is on resolving issues from the past. The focus of a life coach, the way I practice, is usually to help you clarify your thinking so you can design your future. It often involves working on the hidden beliefs that keep you from moving forward. This may involve the past, but usually this is secondary.

How often would we meet?

Individual sessions can be effective for getting traction when you’re stuck. A series of at least five sessions is recommended for getting momentum. Monthly mentoring sessions are also available for past clients.

How does Martha Beck’s coaching approach flavor your work?

Martha is creative and brilliant at pulling together scientific research and practicality. As a Master Coach and Instructor in her coaching program, I’m impressed again and again with the workability of her approach. A big emphasis in Martha Beck’s approach to coaching is “thought work,” finding the lies that cause stress and naming them to discover the truth. This is my specialty.

Why the focus on The Work of Byron Katie?

Her simple process of questioning the thoughts that come up as we go about the day is subtle and radical at the same time. The results are often dramatically freeing. I find The Work is helpful for achieving clarity and opening up possibilities in all of life’s challenges, Addiction, body image, aging, illness and death, family challenges, partnership, relationships, sexuality, success and failure, money and work—anything that causes stress.


Susan Beekman could claim many titles: wisewoman, pathfinder, connector, mentor, teacher. Her clients are very glad that the title she uses is "coach." Kind, warm, funny, and smart, Susan will adeptly help you solve the puzzles and unlock the closed doors that have kept you from feeling satisfied with your life. She's a gentle but irrepressible force devoted to bringing people into harmony with their destiny. Let that force work for you.

Terri DeMontrondTerri DeMontrond

Thank you, Susan, for accompanying and supporting me along this most difficult part of my journey to date. Losing my daughter so unexpectedly last year deconstructed most everything I thought I knew about the path of life. Your presence, compassion, and the gentle use of your skills and various tools truly brought light into a dark place. The healing has begun and I am deeply grateful.


Susan holds an uncommon depth of heart that allowed me to self-reflect in a healing and transformational way. She helped me uncover the most empowering truths about myself and my life. I am very very grateful and blessed to have worked with her.

Anne GordonAnne Gordon

Working with Susan is sacred ground. A wise soul with contagious laughter, she delves deep into the heart of the matter with compassion and kindness. My world has opened to more clarity, joy, and gratitude by working with her... If you want to get in touch with the "heart" of your life, she's the coach for you. Her guidance is invaluable and has helped me walk a deep, rich journey.

Vincenzia DiedericksVincenzia Diedericks

I don't take my thoughts so seriously anymore. I feel like my sharp edges have been smoothed down, less geometric, more organic. From cube to sphere. To create a sphere is a gentle process of controlled rolling. I feel more gentle ... and at ease.

Joan RatliffJoan Ratliff

I just felt compelled to write and say how much you have meant to me and how much I loved hearing the pumpkin story once again. It seems like your gifts are shining through and that you are a blessing to many. I wish you continued bliss and success.

Lynn GardnerLynn Gardner

Thank you for your presence in my life ... thank you for the teachings that you have offered, and for being a beautiful person with an open-hearted embodied practice.  Thank you for words of wisdom, and for living your own questions.

Susan is a warm, engaging counselor/coach whose very delight in the presence of her client awakens the Spirit within.  I unabashedly refer clients to her often, knowing that they will be safe and well cared-for in the embrace of her deep and kind Presence.

Marcia JaffeMarcia JaffeFounder and President of Bali Institute for Global Renewal

Susan brings, sensitivity, humor and consciousness to each session, and I am forever grateful for her guidance and support as I transition onto a new plateau in my life. I couldn't have done it without her. If you are ready to take a big leap into furthering your own ability to gain transformative insight, Susan is the ONE!

Working with Susan is sacred ground. A wise soul with contagious laughter, she delves deep into the heart of the matter with compassion and kindness. My world has opened to more clarity, joy, and gratitude by working with her... If you want to get in touch with the "heart" of your life, she's the coach for you.
Her guidance is invaluable and has helped me walk a deep, rich journey.

Nona JordanNona JordanWealth Coach

Working with Susan, I was able to address fundamental issues around money, work, and boundaries which was critical to my budding coaching practice.   I am ever-grateful to Susan for her skill, her kindness, and her love during our sessions. As a mentor and a coach, she is unparallelled. If you want a masterful coach to help you unwind the beliefs that hold you back, call on Susan.

Holly MittenHolly MittenIntuitive Life and Healing Facilitator

Even coaches need coaching, now and then! Susan's sensitive and intuitive probing was just what I needed.

Kathy ZodiacoKathy

I think The Work 101 compliments Martha Beck coach training perfectly; it adds depth, clarity, and a deeper understanding to the thought work we do in the Martha Beck training program.

Kirk ShimallKirk ShimallOutdoor Program Risk Consultant

Working with Susan allowed me the clarity to move forward.

Thank you for orchestrating a session that led to such rich insight, Susan Grace. Your work is a reminder that the "better story” is within reach – and you help me reach it!

Jeni CrossJeni CrossProfessor of Sociology at Colorado State University

I love working with Susan because she helps me see so clearly how a simple shift in my thinking can help me let go of frustration and anxiety. Every conversation with her helps me focus on how I really want to be and lays out a clear and easy path for getting there.

Susan has become the little voice in the back of my head that supports me and reminds to take action. As I go through my days, I notice myself thinking, “what did I promise myself?” Each time I talk to Susan, I want to be able to report back on what I gained or learned from being awake to my own hopes and desires and taking the actions that support them.

For a while my husband asked me, “What do you get from talking to Susan?” Then, after a month of serious life stresses, including a death in the family, work deadlines, and other trauma, he said, “Wow, you’ve been so calm, I didn’t even realize how much we’ve been dealing with.”

Michelle Ayn TessensohnMichelle Ayn TessensohnCoach, Healer and Facilitator

Susan holds an uncommon depth of heart that allowed me to self-reflect in a healing and transformational way. She helped me uncover the most empowering truths about myself and my life. I am very very grateful and blessed to have worked with her.


In addition to her great warmth and humor, Susan brings a wealth of tools to her sessions. Working with her is always a surprise and an adventure as she spontaneously and masterfully blends Life Coaching with The Work, dream analysis, humanistic psychology, The Artist's Way, contemplation, and many other modalities as the situation requires.

Jenny ShihJenny

I am a graduate of Katie's School for The Work, and I can be picky about being facilitated by a coach who hasn't experienced Katie's work. I was recently facilitated by a graduate of Susan's The Work 101 for Coaches, and it was incredible! That coach took me so deep into my work and helped me move a mountain of a belief. She even taught me some new things about how to improve my own facilitation. If you can't go to Katie's School, take Susan's class! You and your clients will be glad you did!

Hatt KelleyHatt Kelley

Working with Susan Grace is profound and playful at the same time! To be supported by her gentle wisdom has been a blessing to me during tremendous transitions. Gentle guidance, humor and grace are words that begin to describe her gifts. Soulful work. Susan Grace has helped me to clarify my path during challenging times.

Susan teaches with a rare combination of humor and wisdom that makes you feel lighter immediately - lighter for having discovered some truths to help you on your way forward and lighter in the sense of realizing that you don't have to take everything so damn seriously.

Linda PorelleLinda Porelle

Susan Grace both possesses and generously shares her deep and authentic gift of compassionate insight with those of us who have been led to her for guidance. In my work with her, I continuously felt her gentle, patient and yet fiercely determined commitment to meet me where I was at in any given moment and yet point the way toward my inner knowledge of my own essential self. In my experience, Susan Grace Beekman lives by the teachings of Martha Beck and Byron Katie and that giving by living was apparent from the very outset of her engagement with me.

Debee DiMenichiDebee DiMenichi

Life is good. Inquiry has opened up places in my heart I thought were closed forever. Life is so good.

Kathy ZodiacoKathy

Absolutely I would recommend this course to another coach.  I've read all of Katie's books, listened to her audio books and recordings, and yet, during this course I discovered completely new facets to The Work.

Kathryn LucatelliKathryn

Our conversations cause me to remember the place of riches and opportunity in which I stand, so I can’t help but move forward in bigger ways than I previously imagined possible. I have found in Susan a kindred spirit and a source of invaluable support. I’m sure you will too.


Susan sees a higher vision of myself than I can see and holds it right in front of me. She inspires me to be myself.

Anne Marie Polich

Working with Susan Grace (she is ‘full of grace’) has been extraordinary for me. Before I went into coach training I didn’t know about Byron Katie’s Inquiry work. Susan introduced me to The Work in our Coach-the-Coach calls. I was not surprised to find out that she is a spiritual director as well as a facilitator of The Work because her guidance opens sacred space for me. In her nourishing way Susan will guide you to your kinder self and ‘shackles off’ possibilities. What a gift!

Heidi Nord, Dyslexia Specialist and CoachHeidi Nord, Dyslexia Specialist and Coach

After our session I get back to that peaceful warrior state, knowing I can advocate for myself, yet in a calm state. It feels good, and I thank you so much for that.

Hannah BoukrariaHannah

Working with Susan for a few weeks catapulted me towards my true self instead of just meandering around in my head. She was able to put her finger exactly on what was really causing the pain, ensuring that we would not get caught in detours.


One finishes feeling integrated and loved, with definite goals to work toward.

Suzanne Shafer, C.P.C.

Susan was very important in my life.  When I asked her to help me move toward building my coaching practice, I thought I had things figured out and just needed a little support—someone to hold me accountable.  But as my path toward this goal took turns I hadn’t anticipated, Susan saw me through confusion, fear, and heartbreak.  She helped me stay open to what was unfolding, rather than being blinded by my preconceptions.  I have accomplished what I asked for help with…and a great deal more.  I am most grateful!

Kathryn LucatelliKathryn

Through her deep listening, contagious laughter, and insightful guidance Susan Grace Beekman gently points out the goodness I overlook in my moments of frustration. What a gift she has for helping me shift my perspective so that I can see what is showing up to support me.


It was the best workshop I ever attended, and "workshop" doesn't even begin to describe it! Thank you for a superb experience all around.

Lisa AlessiLisa Alessi

Susan has such a unique and calming presence and talent at putting everyone at ease. I not only deepened my practice with 'The Work', but also learned so much about how to facilitate a group with grace, ease and transparency. It's so refreshing.

Holly MittenHolly Mitten

I had no idea of how limited my use and understanding of The Work was until I had a chance to learn some of its depth and power in Susan's class. This class will improve your coaching skills, and your life experience.

Connie HermanConnie Herman

Susan is an island of safety. [Her class on] The Work 101 made me so much more comfortable with the process.

Virginia ShapiroVirginia ShapiroHolistic Chiropractor

I've worked with a number of highly-skilled life coaches and therapists. She's one of the best. I highly recommend this work for anyone seeking to restore balance, peace and contentment.

Caroline BodartCaroline Bodart

Life has been pretty amazing since I got home from the workshop. Such a sense of lightness, freedom, and joy.

Carol Holstrunk

I've been amazed that what seems like such a simple process, can have such profound, immediate positive effects on my physical and emotional well-being...and my primary relationship.

Sallie BrownSallie Brown

Lovingly and gracefully, Susan has guided me toward ways of thinking that have given me more days of joy and peace. She is thoughtful and compassionate, loving and real.


Susan is an oasis of calm and serenity. She guided my busy mind into a quiet state where I could hear my own wisdom.