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Tips for Getting Through This

(And you will get through it…)

The good news is you will be carried if you relax.
Bad news is that you will forget that.

When you do, a few tips from one who has walked this path before:

  • Adrenaline is your friend.

    There is a clarity that comes from the body’s reaction to crisis.

  • Breathe.

    Deeply. Three times.

  • While you’re breathing, look reality straight in the eye and decide what to do next.

    If you can’t do that, ask someone you trust to help with decision-making.

  • Ask for help.

    Don’t wait for others to offer. Be specific.

  • Ask the magic question of those in charge:

    What would you do if this were your child (parent/sister/pet/friend)?

  • Exercise however you can so that you can sleep.

    If you need help sleeping, ask your health-care professional.

  • Pray.

    However you do it. Ask friends to do the same.

  • Call on community.

    If there’s an article in the newspaper, use that as an opportunity to say specifically what you need. Use Facebook. Caring Bridge. Helping Hands. People want to help.

  • Play music.

    Sing. Read or recite poems.

  • Remember: It’s not personal

    (and yet it helps to be personally present for the process.)

  • You will get to the other side. But first you will go through it. With support from forces all around you.

    You are not alone.