Monthly Archives: March 2009

Fall of the House of Cards

What’s your Queen of Painful Beliefs look like?  Mine’s like the Red Queen in Wonderland.  She’s diligent at protecting those sacred precepts that keep me imprisoned in a House of Cards.  As I begin to question beliefs that used to work (sort of), she watches, ready to trot me off to the guillotine.

Even the hint that I might violate her sacred edicts, gets her agitated. Read More>>

When there’s nothing left to lose

“Freedom’s just another words for nothing left to lose.”  Confession: I’ve belted this song along with car radios, around campfires, and in the shower for about forty years now.

At first is was just between me, Janis Joplin and Bobby McKee, managing various crises and losses in my life.   I thought I “got it” in my twenties and even more in my thirties and forties.  Each decade has peeled back more of the privileged veneer of my life.

But never have I seen the depth of truth like I do today as I am inspired and instructed by friends and clients who have discovered they have less than nothing.   Read More>>