On my bedside table there’s a brass anchor and a candle.  It serves as a reminder of my need for stabilizing as I question and learn and grow.  A reminder of those things that hold me to the earth and bring me back to myself and the present moment when my mind begins to wander, as it has a habit of doing.  Here’s a quick list:  my dog, a warm shower and clean clothes, sitting quietly in the morning, deep and sustaining breaths, holding hands with my husband, and a dear friend’s face.  The more I look for examples, the more I find.  And it begins to look a whole lot like a list of gratitude.

What’s on your list?  What brings your mind back to what’s important?  Find out. And let the list grow.

2 Responses to “Anchoring”

  1. Marie Delahaye

    Ever since I read your post a few days ago, I’ve been noticing what’s on my list & here’s what I’ve come up with: clouds up in the sky, our kitty, the taste of sweet peaches, watching the birds eating at the feeder, & touching my husband’s smooth, soft skin. I love this post & it really stayed with me . . .
    With gratitude,

  2. Susan

    Marie, Is your list growing? Mine is. The newest is watching the sun brighten the room in early mornings, the soft touch of breeze when the world isn’t yet awake. The joy of ridding myself of mental (and physical) clutter. Anchoring in this life. The one now, in front of me.


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