Bottom Line Book Club

Imagine if there was a way that you could take the masses of personal development books out there and apply a filter that extracts not just the best books, but the 20% that’s the highest-leverage ideas and change-tools that the top coaches use…and get step-by-step coaching on how to actually use those tools…so you can focus on only the stuff that really makes a difference and start getting the results you want now…

That’s exactly what the Bottom-line Bookclub does for you…

Each month Cath selects a top personal development book and puts together a “Bottom-line” program to help you find and use the best ideas in that book. The monthly Bottom-line programs include an audio lecture, a manual, a recorded interview with the author or a relevant expert, a self-coaching workbook and regular coaching emails to support a multi-sensory, layered learning process and help you to wire in the ideas so that you naturally and easily use them in your life. You can find out more about the Bottom-line Bookclub over here:

Next month I’ll be joining Cath’s Bottom-line Bookclub as the featured guest expert on Byron Katie’s wonderful book, “Loving What Is,” and Cath’s welcoming all of you with an exclusive gift. Here’s what we’re doing:

1.) On 5 April, Cath and I will be doing a live call where you’ll have the opportunity to participate and be coached using Bryon Katie’s process. You can sign up for this free call over here:

2.) Cath’s offering to gift my tribe a complimentary Bottom-line package – the full Bottom-line program for Loving What Is, including her Bottom-line lecture, the recording of our call, a self-coaching workbook, and regular coaching emails for a month. To take Cath up on this offer, send a blank email to On 1 April, when the Bottom-line is released, Cath will send you an email with the details to download the Bottom-line on Loving What Is.

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