Change on Unseen Levels

I’ve become more and more aware of how change shows up in the last few years, working with dozens of clients and mentoring many of them over an extended period of time.

What one principle emerges from this work? This: Change happens on unseen levels first. I learned early on that focusing on a problem (say, weight loss or clutter clearing) as a first focus just doesn’t usually work. Yes, there may be improvement out front, but it usually doesn’t last. That’s the not-so good news.

The great news is that there is a path to lasting change. It starts out as a secret that only you know. You begin to get curious about what keeps you enslaved in thoughts and habits that don’t work any more. You commit to checking it out, to getting “under the hood” by watching your schtick in a friendly way, curious to discover what’s true for your essential self. It’s a quiet process that gains momentum and gradually begins to show up in your outer world. An inner process of self-discovery that ripples into all parts of your life.

But it really is a secret that only you (and maybe a trusted friend or two) knows for a while. Then your body, your environment shows the result. Can you live into this secret?

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