Epiphanies Come Right On Time

“Epiphanies come right on time, not too early or too late.” ~ Byron Katie, 2013

Epiphany is today. Jan. 6th. It’s a holiday that has long been my favorite time to clear out the clutter of the past and stay in the present. A holy day where the future hasn’t happened yet. A happy new moment where I invite insight and clarity to emerge.

A way I begin the year in peace.

I just spent a few days this past week listening to my life and questioning my mind with a tribe of other inquirers. To say it is a profoundly deepening experience to do this would be an understatement. In the everyday world, my mind keeps telling me I’ve pretty much figured things out and there’s no need to ask any more questions.

But the minute I move into inquiry with others who do this work, I recognize how much I haven’t been seeing in my ordinary day because of the tunnel vision I keep confusing with reality.

Spending four days looking and listening put a spotlight on the tunnel. It allowed me to stop being victim of my thoughts (particularly a victim of the harsh ones, the ones with the whip). And something brighter, clearer, more spacious just showed up.

It’s the dark time of year in many parts of the world, a post-holiday time to experience a deeper transition into the new, a holy day. Today or some time in the next couple of weeks, I invite you to clear some space, to listen to your wise inner counsel. Find a specific area of your life that causes stress. Ask what you’re assuming about it. Question that assumption. See if it’s really true or if there’s something much truer you’re not seeing (go to thework.com and check out the resources for a guide). See what’s on the other side of that darkness.

Today I’ll spend epiphany in a quiet, nurturing retreat with a few other women, attending to the still small voice that is opening to freedom.  May you give yourself a gift of listening, alone or in community, soon. Share here what you discover.

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