“Exploding Head” Remedy

Last week I co-hosted a cross cultural dialogue with Balinese visiting San Francisco. The focus was on Tri Hita Karuna, the ancient principle of balancing relationships with community, spirit, and nature. When I asked a beautiful Balinese singer to share. she said,

“All this talking and talking makes our heads explode.”

Then she led a long, lovely chant.  A sense of connection with each other, with the world, with spirit, saturated the room. We were singing our world back in balance.

It was a powerful moment  for me, a lifelong talkaholic. Later she apologized for NOT talking, saying it was impossible to express an IDEA about something so real. Her invocation simply and profoundly made it clear.  Ayu Lakshmi is her name, and, as an architect as well as a singer, she’s not a stranger to Western ways. She was simply and deeply clear about what things are expressible and what things aren’t.

The sharing resumed as we explored ways to bring indigenous wisdom of the Bali into our own lives and worlds. This is the  focus for the sponsoring organization, Bali Institute for Global Renewal. The harvest of ideas included creating and celebrating community, time in nature, honoring the everyday sacred in life through awareness and gratitude.

At the end of the evening, as we pitched in to clean up, there were no exploded heads in site.

Just some questions to share.

Where do you feel in balance in your life?

When you think of your relationship with nature, others, and spirit, what needs attention?

What relationships nurture you ? How do you nurture them back?

What one area could you give attention to today to bring balance back into your life? A talk with a dear friend? A walk in the park? A quiet time to pray or meditate?

Where does your head explode? What concrete thing could you do today to change that?

2 Responses to ““Exploding Head” Remedy”

  1. Michelle Ayn Tessensohn

    Lovely… I am planning a trip to Bali later this year to soak me up some of that indigenous wisdom. Thanks for sharing. With love, Michelle xxx

  2. Susan Grace

    Wonderful. Knowing you, the magic of Bali will find you. Have a wonderful trip!


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