From Boil to Simmer: Retreat Re-entry

As most of my friends and clients know, I just attended a retreat with Geneen Roth, author Women, Food, And God, a book enthusiastically embraced by Oprah on her show last Wednesday, resulting in a #1 best-selling listing.

There is much to share.

And I will, right here, in the next few weeks.

I attended because I just knew I was supposed to, that I was ready really find out what I need to know about my relationship with food AND with Sacred Self. I wanted to accelerate my learning by giving time and attention. I wanted to “discover in a short time what might take months or years to learn.” (Geneen’s words)
I wanted to bring the pot to the front burner and turn up the heat.

Let’s just say I got what I asked for.

And it wasn’t easy.

But I’m clear that, as she says, this is a gateway for me to something far bigger than my small self’s attempts to fix myself, my body, my outer flaws.

Once again I discovered the pain and the healing of seeing where I fall back into old rusty patterns in my life, with food, yes, but not really limited to that.

I know that I want this to stay on the front burner as a way of knowing. But for now, I’m turning down the heat and allowing it to simmer.

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