Happiness, The Blue Arrow, and This Body

I recently heard about signs scattered around New York. Big blue arrows, pointing to one word. Happiness.

Sound familiar? It does to me. Pretty much the way I’ve lived a whole lot of my life in this body. The loop goes something like this: If I get this (name the ailment or condition) taken care of, THEN I’ll have happiness in and with this body.

A whole avalanche of conditions could fill this page. You have your own, but here’s a sample from my mind:

Something is too big (Fat knees, big thighs/hips, belly. Depends on the day).

I’m too sore from exercising. I’m not sore enough.

I could injure myself.

My feet hurt.

My knees are creaky.

I have to pee. Now.

I’ve done yoga semi-regularly for twenty years now, no matter what I’m thinking to be true about my body. The teachers get full credit. The ones who have complete acceptance of all bodies; sizes, shapes, and restrictions included. I followed the Blue Arrow to their classes to get more fit, stronger, more limber. To get happiness.

But I stayed because I discovered the blue arrow surrounded my mat and looped back again. When I practice, I’m in the center of that circle. And the more often I do it, the more likely it is that happiness finds me there.

Finds me here. In this body. With all its aches.

In this mind. With all its creaky beliefs.

And what I’ve come to notice is that the circle has followed me and expanded into the world, gradually. And it’s available in the most surprising places, with the most surprising people.

Where does your blue arrow point? What places bring you right to the center of your own circle? A specific place? A tree, a spot in nature? Specific people?

Study it. Keep following the clues. See what happens.

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