Is It Kind To Just Let Yourself Be?

There’s wisdom in the advice to “let yourself be.” As in: to get off of your case, stop pushing/judging/blaming. There’s kindness there.

But when does it stop being kind? When “letting yourself be” means sliding into the same old groove, the patterns that are creating the results that keep you feeling stuck.

“Letting yourself be” isn’t kind if it’s a strategy for avoiding the discomfort that comes from taking action and moving out of your default self. The best way to get unstuck doesn’t always feel kind. It can feel very awkward. It can require staying with whatever’s coming up instead of going robotic in an old tried (but not so true) way.

And it’s not kind to your evolving self, the essential self that needs a little action for back-up as it moves into a more deeply aligned (and kind) way of being.

What would kindness do? Allow this question to unfold.  Could be it’s not what you thought at all. Might not be that extra serving that you’re not tasting anyway. Might not be that way you have of saying yes to others when you mean no. Find out for yourself by taking on one awkward change this week.  See what happens.

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