Living an “Inquiry Kind of Life”

Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.    ~ Rainier Maria Rilke

I’m an impatient sort. So I’ve been living my way into answers right now. Fascinating insights.

To do this, I’ve been taking a class the last six weeks that has rocked my world. Funny thing is, it’s one that I led. And it’s hard to write that without it sounding like PR. Which it definitely isn’t.

The title of the class is Living Inquiry.  You’d think after walking this path for the last ten years I’d have a simple definition of what it means to “live in inquiry,” , but this feels new, like I’m just beginning to find out. So far the world seems far kinder, simpler, and more compassionate to me. I like who I am when I actually LIVE the answers that come when I don’t believe who I am without my story.

This teleclass is one that came along after I stated publicly I was no longer going to offer teleclasses.  It’s been much like a late-life baby, but this birth was much easier, and the results have been a delightful surprise. An alchemical concoction of deep and intimate inquiry with folks from around the world, the experience has widened my world and my opened my mind.   I’m even thinking of having another baby…next fall.

We’ve been dipping into the Four Questions and the Turn-Arounds of Byron Katie each session, with a focus on how we can take our insights into the next week. At how we can live into the questions and our answers.  It has been deeply transformational for me to be to witness such radical honesty and practical wisdom at work in each of our lives.

I have the impulse to offer some quick and easy questions in blog form, some quick tips that readers can take and bake at home. But the process has been far more profound that this.

I can offer this: a testimony to the powers of “warm observation” of yours own sweet self, foibles and all. When I truly understand that I don’t have to believe everything I believe about the world or about myself, I’m free to “live into the answers” with warm curiosity. I can see for a time where I cause myself misery and what’s on the other side of that.

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