Refreshing Your Screen

One important thing I learned about cyberland is that you have to refresh the screen when you return to a site you’ve visited before. This allows you to see changes that have occurred while you’ve been doing other stuff.

The same is true for the process of change. If I don’t refresh, I run the same old loops, have the illusion of being stuck. For me, refreshing the screen means pausing, checking in, noticing that things aren’t the same. How could they be? It’s simply not possible.

When I see this reality, I’m up to date. Instead of running the old beliefs (“I’m stuck”, or even “I suck,” for instance), I notice the truth. I see the evidence all around me of the opposite (all the ways I’m not stuck or sucking, in the moment). The mind begins to open. When I get specific with proof, there’s a whole new life of possibility and freedom.

Make a list of counter-evidence to a belief you hold (“I’m not stuck”= “I got out of bed. I ate a healthy breakfast, I’m going on a walk.  On and on”) In the present moment, I notice, I  have many more options that I was aware of before. Now list yours. Refresh your screen.

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