Self-Understanding Quick Course

Yesterday I was a guest of Cath Duncan, as a part of her Bottom Line Book club. What fun! Cath is an astute and kind coach who is offering a wonderful service to folks who want to find a fast track to self understanding. She offers a “Cliff Notes” to self-help programs and interviews an expert every month. I was quite impressed by the program, and by the expert questions she asked this “not really an expert.”

Those of you who signed up ahead should be hearing from Cath with a link for the program.
If you didn’t sign up, there are two ways you can get my interview with Cath and the rest of the Bottom-line on Loving What Is. You can join Cath’s Bottom-line Book club and get the Bottom-line on Loving What is and each new Bottom-line featured each month, or you can just buy this individual Bottom-line, so you can choose what format suits you best.
If you’d like to get a copy of the material or sign up for the program, here’s the link:

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