The Cafe at the End of the Search

I’ve spent a whole lot of my life in a search for truth, beauty, goodness, The Way. Much of what has motivated me has been from that deep longing that propels each of us to connect with the sacred in life.

No regrets. But lately I’ve been thinking of calling off the search. Because it feels like peace. (What better reason would there be?) When I’m craving something to eat, drink or do that will fill a hole, I’m usually believing that my current state isn’t okay.

Take yesterday.  I’d just returned home from an event where I had a lot of responsibility.  I was tired and still needed to meet commitments here.  So what did I do? What any insane person with a penchant for sweets would do.  I kept walking to the fridge looking for something sweet that would keep me from experiencing my fatigue.  I kept searching, just as I’ve searched for the magic answer in my life.

Awakening this morning in a more rested mind, I notice there wasn’t anything to search for.  Birds are being birds.  Clouds are clouding.  Trees are leafing.  And I’m simply here.  The seeking is blessedly ceased.

So I’m committing to hospitality for me here.  How will I greet my cravings, here at The Cafe at the End of the Search?

I’m curious.

One Response to “The Cafe at the End of the Search”

  1. Paul

    I find my experience to be just like yours. When I am tired there is a constant quest for something. Yet I also find that I, given the choice between being tired and watching just a little bit more of an interesting movie, will choose the movie and tolerate the tired.


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