The Metube in my Mind

Unless I’m totally caught in procrastination or I absolutely must have a cute kitten experience, I don’t watch Youtube.  My own personal Metube keeps me plenty enthralled. I tend to get caught up in the compelling story that I’ve spent most of my life writing and confirming…this story of me.

It’s like this.  I’m doing a perfectly fine job of being in the yoga of life…flowing from one appreciative and connected moment or movement to the next. Life is good.

Then something happens that sends me back to my archive of reruns. My mind goes back to an event that was either pleasing or displeasing, and I begin to think that whatever happened back then will repeat itself. My loved one will once again succumb to addiction. I will lose my sense of equanimity and begin to overeat again, gaining back the weight I just lost. 

Or I rehearse past injustices, convinced that I was a victim or a hero or whatever my current mood dictates. All these plot details emerge into a Metube, where I am either wronged or justified or a peaceable model of spiritual enlightenment. Quite entertaining (or at least compelling). To me.

The good news of late has been that I’m more aware of the limits of the script. And I’m also aware of its uses. Over time, I’ve come to see that my Metube contains valuable information. As I question my thinking, I often need evidence of a truer or kinder belief than the one that was causing me stress.

I can click on my personal Metube and look closely at a past situation, finding what I need. I can see myself with compassion, as not a hero but not a fool, either. I can find the same for others. Maybe he didn’t mean that the way I interpreted it. Perhaps she wasn’t as irresponsible as I thought. All I have to do is rewind the recording and look with new eyes.

What are your favorite Metubes? Where do they bring you stress? Enlightenment? What have you noticed about their potential for damage? Which ones get the most hits? Name them. What do you discover?

 Join me in curiosity…it’s my favorite way to be.

2 Responses to “The Metube in my Mind”

  1. trisha

    Hey Susan Grace, Will we be working partners with you and witnessing others work as well? Say More please Trisha (March am class)

  2. Susan Grace

    I just love shared inquiry. I was hoping to do some of that here, informally.
    Also, formally, I lead a class a couple of times a year called Living Inquiry. The fall session begins in Sept. It goes quite deep in this process. Details are on the website.


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