“The Sun in Drag” on a Rainy Day

As the rains set in here those of us who live in the Willamette valley know that we’re in for a long haul of  (mostly) soggy weather.  Unless I forget what I love about it, I begin to fight with this reality.  For some time I’ve kept a list to remind me of the subtle beauties of the coming season.  A partial list: subtle mists on the hills, rhythms on my roof, quiet time to dream, cozy evenings tucked in warm flannel.

When I forget these “favorite things,” there’s always poetry. One of my favorites for the season is from Hafiz, a 14th Century Persian poet.  He reminds me of the source of sun, lest I forget.  We’re all just the sun in drag.

My favorite line:

“you are a divine elephant with amnesia trying to live in an ant hole.”

That’s how it can feel when I forget that I’m the Sun in Drag.  I offer you this blast of light as the days dim and the nights grow dark.

The Sun in DragYou are the sun in drag.

You are God hiding from yourself.

Remove all the “mine” – that is the veil.

Why ever worry about


Listen to what your friend Hafiz

Knows for certain:

The appearance of this world

Is a Magi’s brilliant trick, though its affairs are

Nothing into nothing.

You are a divine elephant with amnesia

Trying to live in an ant


Sweetheart, O sweetheart

You are God in


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