Thought Yoga

I’ve practiced yoga for about twenty years, and I’ve taken one class or another about twice a week during this time. That’s a lot of hours. You’d think there would be nothing much new happening. That’s what mind would say. But (as I keep learning) mind is often wrong. My body loves it when I ask it to repeat movements it understands internally. Then body (and mind) settle into a peaceful and deep connection. Yoga has taught me that. 

Yesterday, as my body found its way from a Child Resting to Warriors One through Three to Triangle to Dogs and Dolphins and Pigeons, there was a felt sense of familiarity mixed with curiosity about what I would discover.  Yoga has given me this.

I notice that holding to a clear pattern of questioning does the same thing for the mind itself. As I ask questions it knows (by holding to Byron Katie’s work, in my own practice), my mind relaxes and opens. Although tension and resistance comes up at first, when I ask each question, it begins to stretch. I often notice that the Universe itself opens as I “relax into the pose” and open to the possibilities that are usually far kinder and truer than anything I could have imagined.

When I’m “off the mat,” or having my day, there’s a more satisfied mind, at peace and living in a kinder universe. Thought yoga continues to teach me this. It’s like that.

2 Responses to “Thought Yoga”

  1. DeborahLynn

    I’ve been carrying this around in my mind for the past few days … asking my body what it needs to move more fluidly, with less stiffness. It asks me to notice when it tightens what my thoughts are like. Are they tight? Or are they open,fluid, welcoming what is ….. including the stiffness and the pain …. funny isn’t it that all of it is asking simply to be loved as it is … simple acceptance …

  2. Susan

    Wow. I love that connection. When my body is tight, how are my thoughts tight. I notice it helps if I get specific. WHAT thoughts am I not welcoming? Where am I not accepting? Then I can get serious about inquiry and find what I wasn’t seeing before….


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