I just arrived home from a trip Over the River and Through the Woods to a mountain cabin.  The way there was a bit treacherous, but once there the scene was a holiday card in 3D.  Heaps of soft snow and stillness.  Fine powder drifting aimlessly through the starry night sky. A wood stove to feed and long nights of dreaming.

A much-needed respite from my usual busy life (and mind to match).

On the way back we came face to face with a snow plow and needed to move over perilously close to a ditch.  Our wheels began to spin as we struggled to get traction once again.

The very thing that had cleared our way nudged us into a little stuck place.

“Does this seem familiar?”  Something inside asked. How often have I moved into clarity in my life by questioning beliefs, finding an essential way of being that shows me a kinder way, and then begun to forget, to lose the momentum that showed up with that newer and freer way of being?

Let’s just say a lot.  Sound familiar to you?

What I love is that I understand this process better than ever before.  I know that sometimes I find myself in a slushy place, a place where I need to do some inner listening or question to find traction and resume.  That this is as much a part of the process as the part where I move forward.

And there is a little traction in knowing this.

Just as the little contact with the pavement moved our tires back on to the road and back to the momentum of the journey.  This is how we find our way back Home.

Where do you get stuck?  What gives you traction? How do you find your way back?  Your answers to these questions are an important part of any emergency travel kit.

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